We buy and sell miniatures for wargames. No matter if they are new or used or even if they are painted and unpainted.

Forget about storing tons of miniatures catching dust in boxes and exchange them for new and fantastic miniatures full of details and colors thanks to our miniature painting service!

Here’s how:

In this list we require to know the current status of your miniatures:

  • if they are painted or unpainted.
  • if they are primed and in that case in what color.
  • if they are assembled or unassembled.
  • the number of miniatures of each type.

It is important to mention if the models are part of starter sets, especial packs or editions o boxes such as Island of BloodThe Battle of Skull PassAssault on Black Reach, etc.

We also require pictures to verify their status because on it depends the final pricing.

  1. Then we will tell you how manyWeasel Dollars have been given to you to buy any of our services.
  2. If you accept, prepare a package carefully wrapping every model with bubble wrap andsend the miniatures to us.
  3. When we receive theminiatures, we will contact you to confirm your Weasel Dollars. The amount of Weasel Dollars typically ranges from 20-50% of the original sales price of each miniature. In most cases it is between 20-30% of their original value.

In some cases, such as exclusive miniatures or Forge World, it will come close to the maximum pricing. They may even exceed 50% in specific situations.

In case the models come with thick layers of primer, or are severely damaged and are unusable, the exchange of these miniatures will be 10%. Do not worry, we continue accepting this kind of miniatures, unless they are little more than dust, but it is always better to be honest about it and tell us in advance.


You can use your Weasel Dollars in the following ways:

The Weasel Dollars do not expire and can be accumulated as long as you want . The only rule to keep them valid is that you must make at least one purchase per year (January to December) with a minimum value of 200€ among all the projects commissioned.

You may get a better deal for your miniatures in some different buying&selling channels, both online and at your city. The great advantage is that we offer the possibility of selling all your old miniatures that you will no longer use or are unsaleable, without the problems that often exist: taking countless photographs, listening to offers from several buyers, LOADS of questions, bargaining, payments that don’t arrive, etc.


When we send you the total amount of Weasel Dollars you have got, we automatically add 10 $ or even more to help with your shipping costs.

Remember to pack your models in bubble wrap or at least in a few layers of toilet paper.

Now just send the miniatures to our usual address, to White Weasel Studio, White Market Department.

If you are so kind, include us within the box a paper where you indicate:

  • Your contact information: name and email.
  • The amount of Weasel Dollars you exchanged for the content.
  • List of contents.


If you spend your Weasel Dollars in a project of our services and then is canceled, we cannot refund them with cash and are then lost.

Weasel Dollars cannot be accumulated by exclusive promotions or any other kind of events such as Christmas discounts or Black Friday, but can be accumulated along with bonuses for volume discounts.

The conditions may be subject to change without notice. Our main policy is: be reasonable.