Assembling Miniatures prices:

Standard Infantry Goblins/Orcs/Humans 2.00-3.00$
Space Marines Tactical/Chaos Raptors 3.00-4.00$
Characters on foot/Terminators/Infinity Marneus Calgar/Fusiliers/Aquila Guard 4.00-5.00$
Monstrous Infantry XV8 Crisis/Ironguts/Ogryns 7.00-9.00$
Cavalry/Bikes Reiksguard/Space Marine Bikes/Eldar Jetbikes 8.00-10.00$
War machines Catapults/Cannons/Chariots 12.00-16.00$
Walkers Dreadnoughts/Wraithlord/XV88 Apocalypse 15.00-25.00$
Tanks Rhino/Chimera/Leman Russ/Falcon 15.00-25.00$
Flyers/Heavy Walkers Stormalon/Voidraven Bomber/Gorkanaut 20.00-50.00$
Special Miniatures/Super Heavy Tanks Baneblade/Bloodthirster/Monolith +50$

We are experts assembling the most complex miniatures

The first step to have an army ready for battle is to assemble it and prepare it for painting its miniatures later.

Many fans feel frustrated when they start separating the components of their miniatures from their sprues. It is not an easy process and takes a looooot of time depending on the model. But assembly does not finish there: you still have to remove burrs and then assemble each element.

The assembly begins with the deburring and removal of all mold lines.

Then we proceed to wash all components of the miniatures with warm water and a specially designed soap so that they match to perfection, you have to keep in mind that a perfect assembly is the key to a successful painting job.

Then, once all the pieces are checked and double checked we assemble the models.

Finally, we fill whatever holes we may find between components that may remain, with putty and we let them dry out without any trick that would lessen it’s perfection. Once they are assembled and dried, the miniatures are ready to be painted!