White Weasel Studio has a financing system to fit your needs.

For budgets valued in more than 300 $, you can pay your miniature project in easy installments, keeping all the advantages such as a continuous feedback of your order.

Miniatures will be sent to you once the full project amount has been carried out. If in the middle of the order you want to add new models to your project, this comes with  no problem whatsoever because we can modify the installments for the new ones.



Welcome to White Weasel Studio, the biggest miniature painting service in Spain. This document has been written in order to guide new clients through the process of commissioning a miniature project. Each one of these sections can be identified for their respective header, so that you won’t get lost at any time.

Because of the very specific nature of our commission work, we have very clear policies.

We always ask for a deposit of 50% of the total project cost before starting a miniature commission work (unless you choose the financing system).

There are no cash refunds, but we can redevelop your project at any time, or give extra points for you to use in future orders.

Once the project has the approval of the customer, we will work on it until it is done. Notice that we won’t split the project in different shippings. Everything will be sent to you at once when you give us the OK. During the process and when the project is over we send lots of pictures so you can see all the details and colors of the miniatures.



If you are looking for some price tables, you can see our handy dandy one in each of the sections of the services we provide. For example miniature painting service.

If you want a specific miniature budget, fill in our formulary with a detailed list of what you would like us to paint for you. Be sure to tell us if you send us the miniatures or if we have to buy them, and whether they are assembled or not. Remember that we have a minimum amount for our painting service: 120 $. Once we have the budget, you can modify, add or delete what you want freely. Finally, when you give us the OK to the project we will get it started.



A representative part of our miniature work is uploaded on our website and in our social networks. We do not show the best work and deliver something different. The levels that you see are what you will get. If you like what you see in the different galleries, you’ll like what you’ll get. That’s what you’re buying. We are proud to show our work no matter the level.

Of course, you’ll get exactly what you ordered in your budget, always with our best quality standards.

Remember that these are not toys for children. Please, keep small children away.



Communication is very important and the key to a satisfied costumer , it is our main belief. Do not be shy to contact us at any time, we will be happy to hear from you. We provide a 5 star service and we are sure we will meet your expectations.



We recommend setting a maximum budget for the conversion work on each project. This will allow us to be creative and not have to be waiting for confirmation every time. Usually, customers set a budget between 10% and 20% of the total amount of their projects, which is used to cover the cost of the bits used and the conversion work itself.

We do not always charge for small parts such as shields or weapons, but larger or unusual pieces that could bring an extra fee.



Two options are available:

  • You buy the miniatures.
  • We buy the miniatures for you (recommended!)

Why we recommend buying us the miniatures? Very easy. You save shipping costs.

We do not charge any extra costs for the purchase of the models, just add the amount at the end of the budget and it will be ready.

We are not responsible for increased production times due to delays that may come when the suppliers send us the miniatures. But really, do not worry. If any incident happens, we’ll keep you updated at all times.



Once we have completely finished the project, we take a photo gallery, ranging between 15 and 30 shots. We will send it to you via email, so that you can give us your seal of approval. Only one thing remains: to proceed with the payment of the final 50% and we will send your miniatures perfectly protected.

If you have given us your ok to the project but the final payment is not transfered within a maximum of 30 days, we will understand that you refuse it. Please, if you think you won’t be able to afford the payment in that range or any other circumstances happen, let us know so we can give you another solution.



We accept payments via bank transfer, credit card and PayPal.

The whole amount of every miniature painting work must have been paid before sending the miniatures, including shipping costs.

Remember that the last 50% payment must be made within a maximum period of 30 days since the approval of the project.

If no answer is given, we will give you in exchange some points for you to use them in future projects worth 50% of the total cost of the order. We do not like radical measures, but as you can imagine, we do not like defaults as well.



White Weasel Studio has a business insurance that covers the value of your models while there are under our care. But once they leave our study they are beyond our jurisdiction and we cannot be responsible.

White Weasel Studio is not responsible for what happens with the models once they are delivered, due to the use or misuse of the same. By using our services you are agreeing to this.

However, if for some reason, when you get your miniatures, there is any damage, do not worry. Contact us and we will try to find the best solution, always fixing the damage. We may apply extra costs under our decision but always giving information about them in advance.



The cost of shipping varies depending on the country and depending on the project size, but generally ranges at around 48.00$ for the United States. We are not responsible for variations of these costs in each country due to borders policies, extra fees,etc .

Our parcels are always sent with tracking number so the customer can always know the status of the package at any moment or time.



Do not worry about it. We have designed an especial packaging that will protect and deliver safely all of your miniatures. They will get to your hands in perfect conditions at the right time and without any damage.



Miniatures won’t touch each other at any time during transport.

All models are protected and covered entirely by high quality bubble wrap, and sealed with tape so that they are completely immobile.

When the order is very large, several groups of miniatures are packaged and sealed in a box, and in the end, all these boxes are placed inside a larger one, protecting each other by insulating material which will absorb any impacts that may happen during transportation.



All edges of the box are completely covered with packing tape. Workers responsible for packaging make sure that everything is perfectly sealed and that there are no holes or moving parts inside the box.



We always appreciate your feedback when you receive your models from our painting service.

We cannot accept the responsibility for items damaged during transportation. For logical reasons, we perform the miniature painting service, but we are not who deliver your parcels. It is a third company.

However, as we have said, if there is any damage, we usually make appropriate repairs without any extra cost, although it is not guaranteed. In that sense whatever the reason for the damage, we’ll take care of it.



Bits unused from the boxes we buy are not returned to the customer, except under specific request, so unless you want them we’ll keep them , if you want them , don’t be afraid to tell us.



Normally it takes from 2 to 6 weeks until you get back your entire project, since the time we receive the miniatures. Obviously, for small orders, times will be shortened, and for orders of thousands of points, it will probably take longer.

There are sometimes delays that may be caused by the availability of items, so we can not guarantee a 100% accurate delivery date, but we will do our best to get your miniatures painted as soon as possible.



We are often asked if we can clone a miniature project that we have previously done. The answer is yes. If you really want to get any of our painted armies showed in our galley, just tell us and we’ll get make you one just like you want it. We keep track of the color range and schemes of each job for these kinds situations.



If you have finally decided to send your army to our miniature painting service, please pack it well, immobilizing and covering each miniature with bubble wrap. If anything is delivered to us broken, we will gladly repair it with no extra cost. We will repair up to 5 models at no additional cost, enough for any kind of chaos that may have happened inside a box during shipping, we understand that this kind of stuff happens sometimes.

If you consider it necessary, give us an inventory of everything you send our way. It is not mandatory, but it usually helps when we check the package contents and prevents misunderstandings.

When wrapping models, it is advisable to cover them with bubble wrap, but if this is not possible, a few layers of toilet paper should suffice. Once you already have all the miniatures inside the box, make sure that everything is immobilized, so they do not bump with each other during transport. Newspaper balls will allow you to fill in any possible cavity left in the box. The goal is for them to not move at all.



Sometimes our products may carry magnets. These are purchased from a supplier, another company that it’s not ours.  They are very powerful and could become dangerous if they are not handled with proper care. Avoid letting magnets near magnetic devices such as laptops, hard drives, credit cards, etc.

Do not try to drill the magnets nor heat them to temperatures above 80 degrees Celsius. Keep magnets away from young children and pets.

We reserve the right to cancel an order to a foreign country (with refund of course) if the shipment is unusually high.

We reserve the right to cancel any order placed through any of our channels if the price or conditions and / or specifications of any kind are incorrect due to misspellings, typographical, syntactic, semantic, or any other mistakes.

All manufacturers that sell and / or paint and name belonging to companies that have the registration of their property.



Often some customers tell us “please tell me how you did this.” We never reveal our methods or materials used to avoid copies of our work. We , like the best chefs, like keeping our recipes under lock